IAPro, Integrated Assessment Protocol

IAPro, Integrated Assessment Protocol is a methodology for the assessment of management actions in drylands and, in particular, for the assessment of actions to combat desertification. IAPro is a multi-step participatory protocol aimed at promoting knowledge exchange and social learning in the assessment process. It integrates expert and local knowledge, assessment data and stakeholder perspectives, and biophysical and socio-economic information.
Basic Principals:

  • Stakeholders can – and should -- be more than potential recipients of knowledge.
  • Active participation in evaluation increases adoption.
  • Engaging stakeholders can enhance the potential of linking scientific and local knowledge.
  • Learning is fostered by making the learner’s “pre-concepts” explicit and providing him/her the opportunity to face alternative perspectives and data that may question those pre-concepts (constructivism learning theory).
  • There are not absolute best practices. Restoration actions depend on trade-offs between criteria, individual stakeholder perspectives and interests, as well as dynamic socio-environmental contexts.
  • Adoption is more likely if all stakeholders are part of the process.

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