What is PRACTICE NetWeb


What? The PRACTICE NetWeb is a place where people involved in or affected by desertification / land degradation mitigation and restoration actions can connect, share their stories and learn from each other.


Why?  Drylands make up 41% of the world’s land area; 70% are under threat of severe land degradation known as desertification. People are taking action to control desertification and restore damaged landscapes all over the world. There is a wealth of undocumented knowledge on what is working, what is not working, and why. Too often our past efforts are not assessed, and even when they are, too often local perspectives are missing. Too often valuable knowledge is lost, or not shared. We can learn from each other so today's decisions are better informed and tomorrow's efforts are more effective. The NetWeb makes sharing and learning easy!


How? PRACTICE NetWeb is about exchanging knowledge. Please help make a difference by joining us and sharing your stories. Your experience and your views count!


Who? PRACTICE NetWeb is for all stakeholders: local people living and working the land, visitors who use the land, managers working to protect the land, policy makers and scientists working to understand land degradation, its impacts and its solutions.


What is the PRACTICE Project? The PRACTICE Project is a European Commission-funded support action to develop and test an integrated and participatory environmental evaluation protocol. The protocol is "integrated" across the human and biophysical dimensions of desertification. It is "participatory" in that all categories of stakeholders are potential participants, and all become evaluators in the process. In this way, they are producers (rather than recipients) of the assessment. Learn more.


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