San Simon Watershed

Main ecosystem type: 

Deserts & Xeric Shrublands (Western edge of Chihuahuan Desert), Sky islands (e.g., Chiricahua Mountain Range, Whitlock Mountain Range), Lakes and streams <0.1% of surface area

Main land use: 

97.6% rangeland, minor cropland, forest, and urban

Main degradation driver: 

Alluvium, Climate, Overgrazing, Roads, trails, rail roads, Deforestation, Arroyo fluvial system processes

Restoration actions applied: 

Main goal: to arrest the headcutting of arroyos, 19 major erosion control structures * barrier dams, dikes, >100 smaller structures * gully plugs or weirs, Time: since 1930s– 1980s, Extent of effects: to be studied


Founded in 1993, # Monthly meetings, Monthly newsletters, Ongoing programs and projects, Seek grants ($4.9 millions) and volunteers, Involved in a comprehensive water plan, Quarterly meetings: to inform, educate, and involve the community