Main ecosystem type: 

Deciduous oak forests, Beech forests, Kermes oak forests, Grasslands, Agricultural lands, Wetlands

Main land use: 

Forests (15.9%), Rangelands (38.8%), Arable lands (37%), Lakes (5.3%), Settlements (1.3%), Other (1.7%)

Main degradation driver: 

Irrational livestock husbandry (grazing), Land use extensification / intensification, Irrational use of water resources, Socioeconomic policies

Restoration actions applied: 

Reforestation projects, Forest management measures, Rangeland infrastructure, Fire control measures, Torrent control works


County Office, Municipalities, Forest offices, Direction of Agriculture, Lakes Koroneia and Vovli Agency, Hellenic Ornithological Society, Hunting Federation of Macedonia and Thrace