Main ecosystem type: 

Semiarid thermo-Mediterranean shrubland

Main land use: 

Livestock (Coats and sheeps); marginal agriculture (almond trees, olive trees), terraces with pines (recent reforestations, 30 years old)

Main degradation driver: 

low plant cover, sealed soil surface, erosion signs (rills, small channels, surface runoff)

Restoration actions applied: 

Restoration actions: 1) Improve seedling quality by means of specific protocols of n nursery culture, acclimation to drought, big size forestry trays, moderated fertilization, containers which favours root development. 2) Site preparation: Big planting holes (0.60x0.60x0.60 m), Low density of plants, addition of composted sewage sludge, treeshelters and mesh, water harvesting techniques (microcatchments)


Forestry Regional Services (Regional Government of Valencia, Generalitat Valenciana) ;Ministry of Environment (MARM, Spanish Government);Educational centres (University of Alicante, Univ. Rey Juan Carlos I, Univ. Of Barcelona, IAMZ-CIHEAM)

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